Every once in a while, a friend will come to me saying they have been thinking about going vegan and they'd like my help.

I'm happy to. In fact, I look forward to sharing with someone something that has made me very happy. But there is one point I make clear each time: Going vegan is a deeply personal experience.

I can give tips and reccomendations but I can't truly tell anyone what their journey should be. For some, the transition brings to mind breaking with sacred family traditions. For others, the draw of your favorite foods makes for a stressful tug-of-war with your beliefs. It doesn't matter how long I've been vegan, I've only been vegan one way—my own. Not everyone struggles but for those who do, I sympathize.

Then there is this phrase I keep hearing...

Yeah, I tried going vegan but it wasn't for me.

Again, I'm not here to shame anyone for not being vegan, and certainly not someone who tried. But it's also true. Veganism isn't for you. The decision to no longer kill and torture animals for pleasure ultimately isn't derived to match your bathroom's color palette, it's a decision to align one's actions with a belief most of us have but might not actually realize it.

It doesn't take much searching to find videos like these showing a cow, when happy, acts no differently than a puppy.

If you have a dog or cat, ask yourself if you'd stop their hearts for a moment of pleasure in consuming their bodies. There's really no significant difference between them and the animals we eat and use.

Going vegan can be easy, but for some it's not. How many animals find it easy to have their lives brought to an end in their adolescence for the crime of being more appealing to us dead than alive?

Is that for you?