Impossible Foods announced today we'll see their infamous Beyond Meat competitor (in familliar packaging too) in grocery stores on September 20th.

It appears as part of this rollout, Impossible Foods (IF) will also be releasing a recipes mailing list of sorts.

Back in January 2019, IF also deubted a new 2.0 recipe at CES (Yes, the Consumer Electronics Show) which apparently was met with rave reviews. We expect this new recipe will be featured as part of the grocery store rollout but this is still unconfirmed.

If the promotional image is to be believed, the product will be available in a packaging very similar to Beyond Foods' own Beyond Meat 2.0 packaging which added a square of ground beef side by side with its traditional two-patty packaging.

Impossible Burger grocery store packaging
Beyond Meat's 2.0 packaging for ground beef.

Note the subtle differences in the packaging between the two products. Beyond Beef shows an extra gram of protein per serving and advertises a non-GMO certification. Both are gluten free but only IF is labeled with certification

Beyond Meat's 2.0 side-by-side packaging will remain on shelves. It's unclear at this time if a similar packaging will be used for IF's burger.

To be notified of its arrival in your local grocery store, you can sign up on this page (scroll down to "In Your Neighborhood").

Check out their cool countdown clock while you're at it.

Just shut up and take our money, IF.