Ever since Burger King followed suit with smaller burger chains in introducing the Impossible Burger to their menu, a steady trend of major companies are realizing there is money to be made in non violent food.

Sliders made with the vegan beef alternative the Impossible Burger

Not only are retailers like Trader Joe's wising up to carrying more vegan products, we're also seeing KFC of all chains sell out of Beyond Meat's new test product, Beyond Chicken.

KFC piloted a new Beyond Chicken vegan product in the UK, selling out in only four days.

Meanwhile, Tyson is investing in a vegan shrimp company, Oprah is launching her own "Unbeetable Burger," and old school alt meat companies are racing to catch up as suppliers such as Morningstar Farms' Incogmeato patties.

It makes you wonder if all those protests in front of slaughterhouses and displays in front of these same fast food chains were missing an opportunity to focus on the economic angle of animal commodification. After all, the Burger Kings of the world aren't out there to spread the gospel of violence, they're business and are here to feed their investors with more money.

It's not enough that we vegans demand non violent food, we need to take a tip from our peers who turned us on to veganism in the first place and start educating.

Otherwise, if you're one of the many people wondering why we haven't had a vegan Jell-O shot delivery service, that's here now too. And I don't know about you but I'm a sucker for Starbucks' infamous PSL which is now vegan in the UK. I've probably exhausted all the impossible burger-serving places in the Silicon Valley so I'm looking forward to something new with my first ever patronage to Carl's Junior.